Konstantinos I. Mitsis

mitsisPosition: Associate
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K. Mitsis graduated from the Law School of the University of Turin, Italy and his dissertation was on international private law. He also holds the "Law and European Integration" Master's degree from the Panteion University of Athens. He is fluent in Italian.

K. Mitsis mainly specializes in civil law litigation, including real estate related disputes, actions for damages, defamation and injuries to personality cases etc., representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Additionally, K. Mitsis has significant experience in commercial law litigation, covering breaches of contract, consumer protection and General Terms and Conditions cases, shareholder disputes and payment order procedures. His work also covers cases relating to bankruptcy procedures as well as pre-pack and debt restructuring agreements.

His commercial experience is drawn from numerous business sectors, such as fashion and luxury goods, hotels, retail and construction.


  • Acting as legal counsel of a fashion and luxury goods company.
  • Advising a big hotel company.
  • Represented several motor vehicle accident victims in pursuing reparation for injury and moral suffering.
  • Representing an American national, in a case relating to an asset freezing order by the Anti-Money Laundering Authority of Greece.
  • Represented a franchise company in an intellectual property case, which concerned the registration of the company's trade mark, the relevant hearing before the    Administrative Committee of Trademarks and the appeal of the case before the Athens Administrative Court of First Instance.
  • Represented renowned athletes and successful businessmen against newspapers and reporters in cases relating to libel and defamation.
  • Counseling corporations on all types of commercial agreements, such as franchise, leasing, factoring, shop in a shop, commercial cooperation, management,    distribution and supply.