Konstantinos D. Keratsas

keratsasPosition: Partner
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K. Keratsas was born in 1966. He is an attorney-at-law admitted to the Supreme Court of Greece and a member of the Athens Bar Association. He is one of the managing partners of the firm.

K. Keratsas has significant experience in several legal fields and particularly in criminal law. He specializes in representing individuals in serious criminal cases, such as homicide, assault, terrorist acts, narcotics, libel and slander offences, cyber crimes; furthermore, his clients include Greek and international companies, which he represents in complex and demanding white collar crimes procedures (frauds, embezzlements, money laundering etc.).


  • Acting as plaintiff's counsel for a maritime company in criminal proceedings concerning the embezzlement of more than 7,000,000 €.
  • Representing a foreign charter company in a felony fraud case.
  • Acted as plaintiff's counsel in the criminal proceedings of a high profile terrorism case.
  • Acting as defense counsel in a homicide case.
  • Acted as legal counsel of a premier league football association.
  • Acted as defense attorney for individuals, who were accused of felonies, committed via the internet.
  • Acting as legal counsel for a group of companies, whose fields of activity involve ICT, nanotechnology, security etc.
  • Acting as defense counsel of the President and CEO of a cosmetics company active, amongst others, in the cities of Athens, Paris, London and New York, in a    case concerning the distribution of unapproved medical products.
  • Represented a member of the Board of Directors of a securities investment company in a felony fraud case.
  • Representing the heirs of an important Greek businessman, who allegedly committed the felonies of fraud and embezzlement.
  • Acted as plaintiff's counsel for a maritime company, in a fraud and breach of trust criminal case, involving British nationals and a Romanian state owned    company.
  • Acting as defense counsel in a narcotics case.