Our firm is a member of LawPact, an international association and network of independent business law firms. LawPact's member firms are located in the United States (New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Washington, New Jersey, Virginia, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Alabama, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and Wisconsin), Canada, Mexico, Brazil, India, Turkey and Australia and in Europe, namely in England, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Malta, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, The Netherlands and Belgium. Keratsas - Tsenes & Associates is the only LawPact member located in Greece.

LawPact is also affiliated with Inpact Americas and its sister organizations, Inpact International and Inpact Asia Pacific, well-known international associations of accounting firms. There are currently over 125 members of Inpact in more than 60 countries around the world.

Our firm's participation in LawPact ensures that our clients' global legal needs will be served by a multi-national network of law firms that enjoy outstanding professional reputation in their community and have the necessary experience and regional expertise, which are required in multi-jurisdictional cases or in our clients' cases abroad.